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How to care for Air Plants

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Air plants: the cutest little challenge for my black thumb

Has anyone tried growing air plants? You know the cute little things I am talking about, right? These adorable and curious little plants are epiphytes, which means they typically are found in nature growing on other plants. They don’t get planted in the ground, in fact their roots are only for attaching to other plants. Air plants come in hundreds of varieties and species, and are so wonderfully unique and quirky, there is something to be found for everyone.

These little gems can survive in really any environment – with just little adjusting for where you place them. In nature, you can find these plants in basically any ecosystem. They are really one of the best plants to bring into your home. If you are looking for durability, stick with the air plants with more silver foliage. The greener the leaves, the more they require just the right amount of water.

Where should I put my air plants?

Where you place these plants in your home, dictates how you take care of them. If they are out on a screened in porch where they receive morning dew, they may not even need watering for months! Inside, however, the dry, recycled air makes weekly watering a requirement. These plants absorb their water and nutrients directly from the air into their leaves. Because of this, you need to be cautious of over-handling the leaves to avoid damage to this filtering mechanism.

air plants in water
Bath time!

How to care for my air plants

To water these little plants, let them soak overnight in a water bath, gently shake out the leaves (from the base of the plant), and replace in their holder. The best holders allow for full air circulation around the entire plant, so avoid glass globes if possible, unless the globes have good openings for circulation.

Air plants like sun and warmth, but will dry out quickly if placed in a direct sun area. The best spot is a filtered light area, like near a window. It’s good to think about adjusting their homes based on the season, too.

If your air plants flower, you know they are happy! Enjoy those blooms and then just snip them off when they dry out.

Where can I buy air plants

The best benefit of air plants is their ability to remove air pollution in your home. They are one of the best filtering plants out there – so take a look at all the varieties, and find a few to love!! If you’re looking for place to get air plants, check Pistils Nursery. They have an amazing selection.

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