DIY Fizzy Toilet Bowl Cleaner with 4 ingredients

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Clean up your cleaning supplies with this toilet bowl cleaner

Cleaning the bathroom. Everyone’s favorite job <insert eyeroll> These DIY fizzy toilet bowl cleaner bombs make this job a little easier. Think of them as “bath bombs for the pot.” LOL. A huge plus is that it’s made with safe, non-toxic ingredients that are extremely affordable.

This project took me less than 10 minutes from start to finish. Keeping a few basic ingredients on hand makes it quick to do these projects. They’ll be dry in a few hours. so you’ll be good to go in no time. The biggest thing to remember is GO EASY on the witch hazel. It’s in a spray bottle for a reason.

You can grab most of the ingredients from your “local amazon” or the grocery store: witch hazel, baking soda, citric acid.

We chose tea tree for these fizzy toilet bowl cleaner bombs because it’s great at making sure surfaces are clean. Expert gardener P. Allen Smith says, “for everyday purposes, tea tree oil has antiseptic and antiviral properties and is often used topically to treat skin abrasions, acne, bug bites, and fungal problems. It’s useful for cleaning and deodorizing your household..” (1)

Go easy on the witch hazel

Resist the temptation to just dump some in the bowl. By spraying a little at a time into the dry mixture, you reduce the reaction of the citric acid. Ever tried to make bath bombs but they kept expanding instead of drying in the mold? That’s from too much moisture in the mix. Add just enough for the fizzy toilet bowl cleaners to stick together.

We use witch hazel instead of water here because the witch hazel reacts less with the citric acid. And seriously….you need less liquid than you think, so take your time and mix well before spritzing again.

fizzy toilet bowl cleaner ingredients in a metal bowl with a clump of the ingredients in someone's hand

I was able to make 9 fizzies with this recipe and the overall cost was around $2.00 (so they’re about .22 per use, I’d say that was economical!)

I love silicone molds for projects like this too – they clean up well (you can even throw them in the dishwasher), and their flexibility makes it easy to remove the fizzies when they are dry. Just make sure to pack the mixture in the molds like you’re making a sand castle. I had a bit of mixture leftover that would not pack in, so I just used it to scrub my farmhouse sink. With all the action the kitchen has been seeing lately, the sink needs attention a lot more often

Once the toilet bowl cleaner bombs are done, they are super simple to use:

square fizzy toilet bowl cleaner removed from mold and in the palm of a hand. Mold and essential oil bottle in the background

Drop in, let fizz, then brush/clean.

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Toilet Fizzy Recipe

Easy fizzy bombs to help keep your bathroom clean
Keyword: bathroom, cleaning, diy, essential oils


  • 1 cup baking soda
  • ¼ cup citric acid
  • 20 drops tea tree essential oil
  • witch hazel in spray bottle


  • Combine first three ingredients, then spray small amounts of witch hazel and combine until ingredients stick together (use as little liquid as possible)
  • Press into molds. These silicone molds make it easy to remove when dry.
  • To use, drop into toilet bowl and let dissolve before any needed scrubbing

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