How to start living a more holistic lifestyle...

....without losing your sanity

We’ve been there. You want to make healthier choices, you love the thought of making more things yourself. Eating better (without killing the budget), being more active, embracing a “greener” lifestyle. It all sounds amazing but also makes you feel overwhelmed. It’s hard to know where to begin.  A simple first step is to figure out what your priorities are.  Rank the following from top  to bottom:

What are your priorities?

Choose simple steps

Here are four easy ways you can start living a more holistic, healthier lifestyle without driving yourself crazy trying to do everything at once. Build small habits and keep adding to what you’re doing. 

Start with one clean meal a day

Eating one clean meal a day makes transitioning to a healthier overall diet so much simpler. Pick a meal that you have the most time to prep for to make the transition easier.

Check your cleaning cabinet

Replace one harsh cleaner at a time with more natural (but still effective) options. Bet your wallet will be happy about the switch too.

Swap a disposable item for a reusable one

Reduce the waste your family creates by finding something you can replace with a reusable item such as "un-papertowels" or bento style lunch boxes

Before you open the medicine cabinet...

Next time a minor issue like a headache or upset stomach hits, try a natural remedy first before you reach for a pill bottle.

Still feeling a little overwhelmed?

Every week on the blog we post recipes, DIYs, and information to help you live more holistically in a way that’s not super complicated. Remember every switch you make to live a more natural life is a step in the right direction whether it’s reducing waste, feeding your family more real, whole food, or learning ways to utilize natural remedies.  Check out these helpful posts:

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