Cinnamon-Cypress Shampoo Bar

All natural shampoo soap bar helps you have shiny, healthy hair

Reduce plastic waste by switching to a shampoo bar. Your hair feel and look amazing by eliminating the harsh ingredients in many shampoos that strip our hair of its oils. Need some reasons to make the switch? Check out this post.

For even better results, finish with a vinegar or citric acid rinse. (And if you have hard water, you may need to start with a baking soda rinse)


**This soap contains cinnamon essential oil which can be irritating to sensitive skin/scalp. 

Ingredients: coconut oil, calendula infused olive oil, soduim hydroxide, water, cacao butter, jojoba oil, beeswax, honey, cypress and cinnamon essential oils.

approx. 4 ounces

5 in stock


5 in stock

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