“Magical” Soap Paper for easy hand washing

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What is Soap Paper exactly? Can you have a blast washing your hands?

Soap is on everyone’s must have list right now. (well….it should be there all the time) And while it’s easy to carry hand sanitizer with you, it’s not always as simple to bring your hand soap along.  Soap Paper is a fun solution that you can make at home and then carry with you for everyday, for camping, for traveling…. Anything really.

Our grandsons had a BLAST washing their hands with this. Now that’s a sentence I never thought I would write… They each had a small tin that fit in their pocket and never argued when it was hand washing time.

I’m kinda particular about my hand soap. We try to avoid soaps with mysterious “fragrance” as well as parabens and other harsh ingredients. This makes it SO EASY to bring my own soap and get a good thorough hand washing in.

This soap paper diy ended up being a little trickier than I expected but we figured it out after only a few fails, and now you can learn from my mistakes!

What kind of paper do I use?

Smart solve water soluble paper package  for soap paper

First, you need water soluble paper. SmartSolve makes soluble paper that is FSC certified. This means that they “only source products from responsibly managed forests that meet a strict set of principles dedicated to preserving natural forests. Plus 36 green screen tests have proven that the product contains no chemicals toxic to human or environmental health.” I bought the 2pt translucent paper, but when I reorder I’ll get the 3-point paper. I wanted to be sure the paper would disolve, but this is super thin so you have to be EXTRA care when making the soap Paper.

Helpful tips

bottle of Castile soap on a wooden counter with paint brush and scoop in front of it

For the first sheet I used some foaming hand soap made with essential oils but it ended up being to thin and dissolved the paper as I was brushing. Castile soap with a few drops of essential oil (pick ones that have antibacterial/antiviral qualities) was just a bit thicker and worked much better.

three sheets of soap paper clipped to hangers drying

You have to work quickly so have all your stuff ready to roll. I tried to do this by myself but had loads of trouble with the hang to dry step. As soon as Hana stepped in to help me, it was SO EASY. 

Once the sheets are dry, you can cut into squares or use a punch to make them a little fancier. I have some round tins and some rectangular ones, so we cut/punched some sheets of the soap paper to fit both

If you need a no-rinse option instead of this amazingness, try our equally amazing no-rinse hand wash.

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Soap Paper DIY

Soap Paper is a portable way to always have what you need to keep your hands germ free
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  • a few sheets of Smartsolve water soluble paper  (we recommend 3pt paper)
  • paint brushes
  • castile soap
  • essential oils of your choice
  • Coat hangers & small clips
  • Small storage containers (old mint containers work great!)


  • Lay a sheet of paper flat onto your surface
  • Pour a line of soap a couple inches off from the right edge of the sheet (maybe a tablespoon) . Dip brush into your soap and gently brush across paper until you’re about an inch from the other side (you need soap free area so you can pick up the paper to turn as well as hang to dry)
  • Slowly and gently pick the paper up from the uncoated edge and turn over. It feels a bit like you are peeling off a label.  Repeat: GO SLOW. Coat this side the same way as the first 
  • Once you are done, pick up it slowly and gently the same way and hang to dry by clipping to coat hanger and hanging where it won’t get disturbed.  This is much easier with two people.  If the paper gets stuck together very slowly and gently pull apart. Allow to try for a few hours and then cut the soap paper sheets into smaller pieces to fit inside the containers you’re using.

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