Powerful Super-Blue Calendula Salve

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Calendula salve is a must have

This beautiful blue salve was my life saver while I was doing radiation treatments. But now, it still sits in my fridge, ready and waiting for all our skin needs! It is nourishing, healing and such a beneficial support for dry skin, rashy skin, too-much-sun skin, abrasions, burns, and cuts and scrapes. I love having it on hand all the time.

This calendula salve only has a couple of ingredients – however a couple of them may be less common to have on hand. The aloe-infused butter lends even more healing and nourishing for damaged skin. You can make your own aloe butter, or find it here.

Added to that, calendula-infused oil as well as marula oil boost this little salve into skin super-hero category. The cocoa butter allows even more nourishment, but also aids to the firmness of the salve as well. This salve does not have any waxes in it at all, therefore, it will liquify with warmer temps. I keep it in the fridge in between uses to help with this consistency. This is especially important in warm climates.

Why (and what) is marula oil?

Marula oil is pressed from the fruit of the Marula tree, native to South Africa. It is chock full of antioxidants, and essential amino acids. Because of this, it benefits all supportive levels of skin, hair and nails. It provides anti-aging support, restorative support, healing support, anti-inflammatory support, and is even protective from ultra-violet rays as well. It is moisturizing, without being heavy and does not clog pores. I mean, really. This oil is truly the bomb in skin benefits.

So let’s get to this calendula salve recipe. It is ridiculously simple, so once you’ve grabbed the ingredients – you can’t go wrong!

Super-Blue Calendula Salve

This salve is extremely easy to whip together, and is so worth getting the ingredients to make on hand to benefit all your skin care needs.  I used this during radiation treatments, and loved it so much, it continues to be a staple in our home!


1 ounce aloe butter

0.6 ounce cocoa butter

1.8 ounce calendula-infused oil

0.5 ounce marula oil

10 drops blue tansy essential oil

10 drops myrrh essential oil

10 drops geranium essential oil

8 drops helichrysum essential oil

Message us to talk essential oils and what we recommend.


Makes approx 4 ounces.


Measure out butters with a digital scale.  Place in a glass bowl and set above a simmering water-bath to slowly melt the butters.

While melting, measure out remaining oil ingredients by weight.  Once butters are melted, remove from heat and incorporate liquid ingredients.  Add essential oil drops and stir with a metal utensil.  Pour into waiting containers and place in refrigerator to cool and completely solidify.

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